• after the pandemic period and during increasing inflation RE companies noted rising financial efficiency
  • at the same time a clear trend of decreases in all indicators based on the price of shares and indicators of direct benefits to investors was observed
  • the scale of inflation is important for the financial efficiency of RE companies
The pandemic, followed by the Russian aggression against Ukraine, caused rapid changes in the economy. European countries experienced unprecedented price increases, which resulted in a significant increase in the cost of capital. This resulted primarily in limited access to capital and a significant reduction in investments in the real estate market. In addition, investors began to withdraw capital from investments in the real estate market to other assets, encouraged by their rising rates of return. The article presents how the indicated circumstances translated into the financial efficiency of companies from the Real Estate sector. Listed companies of the European Economic Area in the years 2019-2022 were analyzed. Changes in the main accounting measures and market measures for individual countries as well as the characteristics of real estate market participants were analyzed.
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