Highlights improve discoverability of articles via search engines, hence their use is deemed mandatory by REMV. They are made up of a short list of bullet points which, together, give a summary of the novel results of the research and any new methods applied.
The online submission system is to be used to submit highlights. “Highlights” contain 3 to 5 bullet points (only small letter) of no more than 85 characters (including spaces) each.

Example Highlights:
  • various important effects can be highlighted whether we focus on the map or on the absolute maximum growth rate
  • we want to know what potential groups are ignored in taxonomies as well as what groups are highlighted
  • in this paper, we refer to theory of valuing building life-cycle investments
  • two key results are highlighted by this analysis: price and location

Tips by Jennifer Mueller, JD: How to Write Highlights for a Paper
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