• the aim of the research was to estimate the size of the rental segment in Poland
  • the research was performed out using Eurostat statistical data
  • we have developed a method that allows us to estimate the size of the rental segment
  • we estimated the size of the apartment rental segment at 766,900 apartments in 2021
Our research into the fast-growing segment of the rental market fits perfectly with the current wave of excitement. In this research, we attempt to answer a fundamental question: how large is the rental segment in Poland? To our surprise, the answer to this key question remains wrapped in mystery, with an absence of continuous studies disclosing its true size. Undaunted, in this paper we took up the challenge to develop a method that would give us a clear answer. Using Eurostat statistics, we develop a methodological framework for estimating the size of the rental segment. We acknowledge that Eurostat data possesses certain limitations, yet serves as a valuable resource for fulfilling our goal under the proposed methodology. In our approach, we determine the size of Polish rental segment between 2007 and 2021. To validate our findings, we dived into the complex relationship between the size of the rental segment and households. Applying linear regression, we sought to unravel the main determinants influencing not only the overall housing market but also the dimensions of the puzzling rental segment. The proposed method proves to be successful and answers the research question. However, it is important to emphasize that the presented results are estimates that give an impression of the elusive size of the rental housing segment and not exact measurements. Moreover, the flexibility of the proposed methodology is promising and allows similar studies to be conducted in different geographical contexts.
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