• the analysis of the real estate rental market in the cities of Rzeszów and Lublin made it possibleto present the influence of market features on the rental rate of flats
  • it was proved in Lublin on the basis of the dependency graph that with decreasing distance to the city centre, the market rent rate increases
  • as the number of rooms increases, the market rental rate per 1 decreases m2
The paper presents the impact of market characteristics on the rental rate of apartments and compares the levels of the offered rental rate in two selected cities: Rzeszów and Lublin. The analyses were conducted before and during Russia's aggression against Ukraine, based on residential rental offers. Data on the offer of residential premises for rent, posted on online portals in the period from November 2021, to April 2022, was used. The analyses showed an increase in rental prices in March 2022, mainly in Rzeszów, and similar correlations of the impact of characteristics on the market rental rate in both cities in relation to the area of the unit, the number of rooms, the location on the floor, the condition of the flat and the age of the building.
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