• the huge increase in the popularity and turnover of e-commerce has an impact on the warehouse market
  • under conditions of uncertainty, it becomes important to maintain adequate stock levels in order to maintain continuity of supply
  • in the long term, there may be tendencies to move production to closer locations (backshoring, reshoring). Another trend is friendshoring (a variant of offshore outsourcing)
The article presents the development of the modern warehouse real estate market in Poland (from 2004 to 2022). The reference area is the European market. Against its background, Poland has become a fast-growing bank next to Germany and the fifth largest in terms of modern warehouse space. This happened despite the unstable and unpredictable macroeconomic and political situation in recent years, as well as the dangerous epidemic effects, e.g. connecting supply chains. The article is an attempt to find the sources of success of this Polish phenomenon, the search for a specific spatial configuration of the market and short- and long-term perspectives for the development of the warehouse market in Poland.
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