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  • the article shows possible impact of self-sufficient estates on energetic security in Poland/EU
  • sustainable development depends on "green energy" production growth
  • photovoltaic installations may be one of the crucial sectors producing green energy in Poland
  • to show profitability of photovoltaic installations IRR method was used
  • the potential of photovoltaic installations in Poland is still underestimated
For many years, the increase of energy derived from renewable sources in the total production of electricity, has been an important aim for both central and local authorities in many countries, including Poland. All investments undertaken in this area contribute to sustainable development. One of the branches of "green energy" may be prosument production induced by residential self-sufficient estates. The number of technology and facility-related developments has been growing in each EU country every year. The current article, aims to examine the influence of self-sufficient estates on "green energy" production and thus on sustainable development in Poland.
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