• parts of real estate affected by the consequences of encumbrance with transmission easement
  • persons authorized and involced
  • standardisation of proceedings (algorithm)
The identification of the scope of the limited property law (that is transmission easement), as well as the taking of appropriate actions, has become difficult. The far from sufficient implementation of rules has led to numerous disputes, the resolution of which has been sought in court. Very generalized legal bases, interpretation of regulations and the acceptance of the rulings of common courts have made the development of operating procedures possible and have determined the persons participating in performing work related to transmission easement. The specifics and the multidimensionality of the subject requires cooperation from several experts. The methodological bases are limited, and the regulations unclear. The goal of the research is the standardization of designations of component parts and activities associated with transmission easement. The entire process is made easier by a set procedure proposed in the form of an outline. This study draws attention to individual activities and the order in which they are performed. This allows individual specialists to carry out the next stages of work, which in turn leads to sanctioning the rights of the grantee, while determining fair and satisfactory compensation for the grantor.
This paper was made as a part of statutory research
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